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Pt. PMA Process

Documents we will process for you:

  • Company Acte [Original]
  • Identification Number of the company (NIB)
  • Company Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP Company)
  • OSS Username dan Password
  • Approval of the Suitability of Space Utilisation Activities (PKKPR)
  • Deed of Establishment or Corporate Legal Entity (SK Kemenkumham / AHU) [Original]
  • Standard Certificate

Founding a Pt. PMA in Bali

Basically, we just need your passport, and a name for the company, and who will be the shareholders, (minimum 2), and the company activities. We basically assist you a lot in the process, establishing the company for you, in a smart way. Our founders own many companies here in Indonesia, including the most famous bakery of the country, 20 years tax/accounting/audit services and so on.

You can just start the process now online, and we will follow up everything by whatsapp. A company can be established from abroad too. If you are in Indonesia, come and talk to us, ask your questions. And we recommend you come for a consultation, because establishing a company, comes with requirements and obligations. You better be aware of all those ahead.

Meet you soon

bali visa tourist

Process now for 34Mil Rp all inclusive

Format: +Country Code Number. Example: +62818870934 or +33782112322
  • All can be process online AND even from abroad
  • Payment online and through local and international banks.