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do i need visa for bali from australia

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We are an innovative high-tech agency, most of our tasks are automatised, our high-end logistic autofill forms to be submitted asap to institutions. Great Logistic is the way we can provide the best service at the best price.

We love to be able to expedite the process, by being efficient while offering competitive rates.

Pma - Lite Set Up

Congratulations, you are starting your own company, and choose this LITE setup as you do not require YET to process all necessary licences to start selling and be visible. With this lite setup we …

Idr 34Mil All inclusive

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Company Accounting /Tax Advise

During this 1h meeting, our senior experts will bring custom solutions to your business. Clear, and Straightforward.

Idr 2.5Mil All inclusive

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Working Kitas (Onshore)

Working Kitas process can now be arranged without leaving Indonesia. This is the standard 12 months Working Kitas, and it requires you already have a sponsor (An Indonesian company hiring you).

2350 All inclusive

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Visa Social (211) (Offshore)

This is the Visa you need to visit Indonesia for social reasons and tourism. Cannot work or get a salary.
This Visa allows you to stay 60 days and can be extended twice to allow you to stay in…

250 All inclusive - Process Abroad only

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Driving License 5 Years For Motorbike (Onshore)

Get a Driving License for 5 year, in a swift! With only need your KITAS, we will meet you at the police station once for the photo, and you are all set :) We really recommend you to ask a 5 year…

Idr 2Mil All inclusive

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Virtual Office

Serviced and virtual offices in Bali are excellent business solutions for independent entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Virtual Offi…

Idr 10Mil All inclusive

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Visa Social (Extension 60 Days) (Onshore)

Add another 60 days to your social Visa (211). A Visa 211 can be extended twice only. (you get 180days maximum.)

Idr 2.8Mil All inclusive

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Become an Affiliate

Why not becoming an agent yourself and promote our services to make your own income? That's Easy, Our services are fully online and available in many languages. Just Enroll, share a link everywhere and get a commission for every order, life time, on all the customers you brought in.

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do i need visa for bali from australia
do i need visa for bali from australia

Liv Montmerle

Professional, honest and reliable team. Only agency I know where you can follow all the steps of…

do i need visa for bali from australia

Simen Platou (splatou)

I love Celerity. I use them for company and personal taxes, and they are the only agency in Bali…

do i need visa for bali from australia


My experience with celerity visa was perfect. Rafi and his team delivered in time exactly what w…

do i need visa for bali from australia

Vii Bii

If you're a foreigner, do not hesitate to come to this place. The best place to get your st…

do i need visa for bali from australia

Francois Robin

Most responsive and professional visa agent in Bali !


do i need visa for bali from australia

Rafi Papazian

Founder - Serial Entrepreneur - IT Engineer

I am Rafi Papazian, the founder of Celerity Visa. When I arrived in Bali in 2011, starting a company was costly, delays were rarely respected, Hidden costs were constantly appearing, and promises were not upheld. As entrepreneurs, we have much better things to do than manage paperworks, so I have slowly created a system to connect institutions and organize the work. Celerity was born, a high end agency owned by a French Serial Entrepreneur and a Balinese succesful Entrepreneur.

do i need visa for bali from australia

Wayan Karmini

Director - Tax Finance Expert

I am Wayan Karmini, Balinese woman. I was in the industry already 15 years when I met Rafi. We quickly noticed we are both hard workers, whatsapping each other at 2am in the morning. I love helping people for all the things a bit complicated like accounting/tax audit but also simply giving the right advise to tourists or entrepreneurs.

do i need visa for bali from australia


Customer Service

I do spek Englisss 🤣🤣 Surya could be an English Teacher. He has a great sense of humor, a very relax attitude. Surya traveled, went to school in Australia, learn fast and knows exactly what he says. Very Reliable. Oy yes and I forget, he looooves paperwork too, lucky you

do i need visa for bali from australia


Customer Service

Oh la la, maybe I do too much but I don't feel comfortable if I don't make sure everything will happen smoothly for the people I care about, -- customers -- as they are called outside. For me they are more than that, as I talk to her, we see each other, so in a way I just care for them. Sorry If I work too much but this is how I am!

do i need visa for bali from australia


Customer Service

Mega is a beautiful hearted Balinese woman, smart but calm, she arrived in the team mid 2022 and after a few weeks was already very ready to deal with customers. Fast learner! Welcome to Celerity Mega.

do i need visa for bali from australia


Administrative Processes Expert

Well, Ocha is beautiful but not only, graduated from university S1, she knows everything 🤣🤣 not really but she loves to learn. She is very competitive but look humble. Love to listen but like to talk, and most importantly give a lot of heart to accomplish all tasks, simple or complicated

do i need visa for bali from australia



I will look to all your numbers with a great attention. I love columns and rows of numbers. Green pencil, red pencil. Highlight or fade what's important or insignificant. Most importantly, all your datas will be kept secret

do i need visa for bali from australia


Department of company establishment

I work at the second floor of our offices. You won't meet me but I am the one looking at your company, legal aspect mostly, checking what can be and can't be done, so your activity here in Indonesia is safe.

do i need visa for bali from australia

The whole team

We are all different, but one thing we have in common is that, we all, love paperwork, what about you? 🤣

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