• what is npwp foreigners indonesia

    What is an NPWP in Indonesia? NPWP for foreigners explained

    The NPWP is an essential part of your expat journey in Indonesia, but it is also very often misunderstood. Here is everything you need to know about the NPWP as a foreigner in Indonesia. What is an NPWP in Indonesia? The NPWP acronym in Bahasa Indonesia stands for Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak. In plain English,…

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  • investing bali real estate

    Investing in Bali Villas & Real Estate: What You Should Know

    Bali has been a very popular destination for real estate investment these past few years. Whether it’s with individuals buying their villas in order to rent them out, or for more corporate investors in tourism, it seems that Bali is on everyone’s map. As you may suspect, investing in Bali is not always all about…

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  • driving licence bali

    Driving (international) licences in Bali : what you really need

    The international (or not) driving licences in Bali and elsewhere in Indonesia are a common problem for tourists and foreign residents alike.  Here is what is legal and what is not if you plan on driving in Indonesia, along with the different ways to be compliant. What types of driving licences are required to legally…

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