Pre-Order Your Bali Second Home Visa Today! 

​Pre-order your Second Home Visa today and get it done before everyone else!

The Indonesian government just announced the Bali Second Home Visa, and the whole world has been talking about it since!

This visa allows you to:
⁃ Live in Bali for 5 to 10 years in a row
⁃ Enjoy your Bali Digital Nomad life 100% legally and TAX free!
⁃ Prospect and Invest in Indonesia


Who is the Bali Second Home Visa for?

This long term stay visa is for you if:
⁃ You are a Digital Nomad looking for a homebase
⁃ You want to invest or live long term in Indonesia
⁃ You are retired and want to update your visa

Important benefit: This visa allows you to register your spouse and kids for a small additional fee!

How much does it cost?

​Celerity Visa handles the entire process, done for you, so you can sit back and relax.

For one person: 49,000,000 IDR
For each additional family member: 5,900,000 IDR