But we love it 😆

Yes we do! This is our thing.

Doing accounting? Tax? Filling forms with plenty of datas where no neglectance is accepted, yes we love that! Some 11pm customer check outs or last minute dinner to prepare for 10 guests, amazing right? What about Cleaning properties? it is ok, quite ungrateful but it would be nothing, nothing 🎡🎢🎢, without an old door handle to fix...

Did you get the picture? So Feel free to please us, and give us some more boring work to do 😂

You own & We work

Celerity click work while you get the revenue, "uang bersih" as they say here. The money net is for you. We do the sweating, not saying that sweating is dirty :D

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We Have Strong fundations

Celerity Click has been founded by Rafi Papazian, serial entrepreneur, known as Monsieur Spoon and Wayan Ni Karmini, in legal department for 15 years ++


Rafi Papazian


Skills & Expertise

Visionnary 85%

IT programming 90%

Passionated 90%

With 12 years of multi company succesful experiences in Bali, Rafi remains accessible to provide you the best advise.


Wayan NI Karmini



After Affects 85%

Management 90%

Social 80%

Wayan loves accounting and tax. I know, it is a weird thing to say for you maybe but some people are like that, her brains just love numbers. She is the director of the company and will be happy to meet you.


Satisied Customers


Completed Orders


Company established

Since 2019

in Numbers

Celerity click is an innovative legal agency and property management

Check-in Guests

Making it beautiful

BPOM License

More then 30 customers already selling in Indonesian Supermarkets and exporting thanks to their BPOM license, processed in an average of 9months by Celerity

Visa Extension

Don't be in Overstay, just drop your passport in our offices and you are done. We handle the rest.

Villas Maintenance



with Celerity click.

Our main 2 Storey office is located in Jl Sunset Road, in Semyniak.