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At Celerity Click, we automate administrative paperwork thanks to our proprietary high-end forms autofill system. This enables us to submit the paperwork digitally, directly to the relevant institutions, saving cost and time.

Visit Visa Single Entry

Extend Your Visa 211 now

Are you already in Indonesia with a Visit Visa Single Entry (C1/ex-B211) and looking to extend your stay for business, social, or tourism purposes? You're in luck! Process your extension now and stay 60 more days.
Note that ou can now extend this visa twice, allowing you to enjoy up to 1…

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Visa On Arrival

Order your Visa now

And Skip the queue at the airport! Kick off the process with your email and phone number, upload your passport on our system and you are all set

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Hospitality Business 📝
Alcohol Liscenses
Staff Management
Company Closure
Fiscal Audit
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Work in Indonesia

Working Kitas ✏️

The Working KITAS is a limited-stay permit that enables you to legally work and earn income in Indonesia. This KITAS has a maximum of 12 months validity period.
To obtain this KITAS, you must have a registered Indonesian company that employs you as a sponsor.

The KITAS allows you to s…

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