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  • Who runs Celerity Visa?

    I am Rafi Papazian, the founder of Celerity Visa. When I arrived in Bali in 2011, starting a company was costly, and I felt insecure, and uncertain. Delays were rarely respected, Hidden costs were constantly appearing, and promises were not upheld. As entrepreneurs, we have much better things to do than manage paperworks, and our money will be better invested in the core of our businesses. In a country developping so fast. Indonesia is ranked 8th GDP (PPP) worldwide just before United Kingdom, and France, it was about time to have a proper agency, that you can trust, and more importantly, an agency owned by both an expat, and a local (Orang Bule, and Orang Bali) was strategic.

  • I decided to create this agency with Wayan Karmini, a beautiful Balinese firm lawyer with +15 years of experience, who was already involved with ehr own company into legal, fiscal and accounting for small and larger companies in Bali. When we started to work together, we realized we both put a lot of energy in what we are doing: It is great to see your partner still working at 2am, same as you! If I did not meet her, I would not start this adventure. It was important for me to have a strong local partner with a beautiful soul, in addition to experience and connections.
  • The innovation we are bringing is the high-end logistic I have developped and used for my own companies, allowing real time information, coupled with a user-friendly website, with the ability to upload documents, and track all information online. No loss of time, we keep our client's informed straight away.
  • We both love Indonesia, We love living here and we are deeply happy to be part of the revolution that is happening in the country, helping more investors and entrepreneurs to make their dream true come in the islands of God. More small entrepreneurs, more local solutions, more diversity, better the world.

    Rafi Papazian & Wayan Karmini

Extending its visa or Starting its own Business in Bali should be easy, hassle-free and straightforward Our agency is connected directly to the local institutions. The information travels safely through our internet, thus at the speed of light. The name of the company "Celerity" comes from the digitalization of this procedure:

'Celerity [sə-ˈler-ə-tē] noun : swiftness of movement.

Celerity is the letter "c" in Einstein Relativity Equation: E=m.c2 and it stands for "speed of light", 300millions m/s, the speed at which information travels in a fiber optic. Thus the logo, a fiber optic drawing this "c".

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