Singaporean Company

Pte. Ltd


  • Fast, easy: Done within a week
  • Capital from 1000$Sgd
  • Minimum 1 shareholder required
  • Safe, legal
  • First step to Singaporean Nationality/Permanent Resident and its health/education advantages
  • Accumulating assets outside of Indonesia
  • Cost to maintain/establish the company alive same than in Indonesia
  • Can own shares in Indonesian Company.
  • Cannot purchase freehold lands
  • Can open bank accounts from abroad
  • Cannot sponsor stay permit in Indonesia
  • Cannot purchase freehold lands
  • Best option for expats not really based in Indonesia
  • Best for nomads and online services
  • Best to accept all kind of online payments/services

Indonesian Company



  • Takes more than a month
  • Capital is huge, but only 25% have to be invested and within an undetermined period of time...
  • Minimum two shareholders required
  • Law system is not 100% clear
  • Sponsor stay permit in Indonesia (Work/Investor and family)
  • Accumulating assets in Indonesia
  • Cost to maintain/establish the company alive same than in Singapore
  • Only solutions to get liscences for retail/hospitality businesses
  • Can purchase freehold lands
  • Cannot open bank accounts from abroad
  • Can sponsor work permits for any foreigners
  • Can purchase freehold lands
  • Best for expats established for long term in Indonesia.
  • Best for retail businesses and investments in Indonesia
  • Payment services in Indonesia, even online do not work with international credit cards

Incorporation (One Time Fee)

Singapore Indonesia
Establish the company 34Mil Rp
Secrataryrequired and included---
Nominee Directorincluded for a few months until the EP is ready---
Registration Address DirectorIncluded---
Stay Permit(Employment Pass 1year): IncludedInvestor Kitas 2 years: 1220$usd
Employment Pass card issuance Fee390$---
Transfer Nominee Director to EP holder290$---
Total2870$ (Approx 41Mil)47Mil
bali visa on arrival price

Maintaining Fees (yearly)

Singapore Indonesia
Company Secretary290$---
Registered Address350$Virtual office (option): 10Mil Rp
Monthly Declarations---3.9Mil Rp
Compilation Financial Statement350$---
Tax computation and filling of form C290$---
Book Keeping (Transaction Less than 100 entries per annum)350$from 5Mil
Total1630$ (Approx 23Mil)23/33Mil
bali visa on arrival price