How to stay until 180 days in Indonesia?😍

It has never been as simple as today to stay in Indonesia for an extended period of times with the Visa 211. Order it for 60 days, then extend it 2 times for 60 more days each. Each Extension Price is 2.8Mil Rp Rupiah (Approx. 178$)

Then, make another one, and stay 180 days more. And so on. No limit are set yet. Can stay years this way.

Pre-order your Visa today and fly within the next 90 days!

It takes around 11days to have it done.

Secure my Social/Business Visa for 250$usd all inclusive

Format: +Country Code Number. Example: +62818870934 or +33782112322
bali travel requirements
In summary
  •  All inclusive Price for 60 days: 250$usd
  •  Extend 2 times with 60days extension each. to stay until 180days (178$)
  •  100% online
  •  No embassy visit required
  •  Done with passport and 3 Last bank statements only
  •  Vaccination: Please check with actual requirements
Documents we will need
  1. Passport (Page Photo) - Double Page