How to stay until 180 days in Indonesia?😍

It has never been as simple as today to stay in Indonesia for an extended period of times with the Visa 211. Order it for 60 days, then extend it 2 times for 60 more days each. Each Extension Price is 2.8Mil

Then, make another one, and stay 180 days more. And so on. No limit are set yet. Can stay years this way.

Pre-order your Visa today and fly within the next 90 days!

It takes around 7/days to have it done.

Process my Social/Business visa now
  •  60days + possibility to extend 2 times with 60days extension each.
  •  100% online
  •  No embassy visit required
  •  Done with passport and 3 Last bank statements only
  •  Vaccination: Please check with actual requirements
bali travel requirements

Secure my Social/Business Visa for 250$usd all inclusive

Format: +Country Code Number. Example: +62818870934 or +33782112322