Annual Corporate Tax Report

Report your annual corporate tax reports quickly and easily. Prepare, pay, and file your corporate income tax hassel free. We do paperworks.

Documents we will need

  1. Assets List
  2. Bank Statement January - December
  3. Bukti Bayar Pajak (Jika Ada)
  4. Bukti potong Pajak yang diterima (Jika Ada)
  5. Director NPWP Card
  6. EFIN Company
  7. Email & Password that registed at DJP Online
  8. Expenses List January - December
  9. Kitas
  10. List of Assets Purchase January - December
  11. Passport (Page Photo) - Double Page
  12. Password DJP Online
  13. Rent Agreement Year (Optional)
  14. Salary List January - December
  15. Sales January - December
  16. Selfie of Director while holding Passport And NPWP Company
  17. SPT & Laporan Keuangan yang dilapor di tahun sebelumnya

Process now!

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