Changing Acte For Pt Or Pma

As the company's activities go on, of course there are situations or obstacles that require a reshuffle. The reshuffle also affects the data or articles of association listed on the company deed. For this reason, it isn't hard to understand the procedures and estimated costs of changing company deeds.

Changes to AD / ART are usually
formulated in the
Meeting of Shareholders (GMS).
Based on Article 15
of Law
Number 40 Year 2007 concerning
Limited Liability
PT's articles of association contain
information about:

- Name and place of the company;
- The purpose and objectives of the
- Period of establishment of the
- Large amount of authorized capital,
issued capital
and paid up
- Number of shares and
- Name of position and number of
directors and
- Determination of the place and
procedure for
holding the
- Procedures for the appointment,
dismissal and
replacement of
members of
the board of directors and
- The procedures for using profits
and dividend

In addition to changes in AD / ART,
changes in the
data or general information also
commonly occur in
Some aspects included in the
company data include:
- Changes in the composition of
shareholders due to
takeover of shares;
- Change in name of shareholders
due to the change
of name;
- Changes in the composition of
names and
positions of
members of the
board of directors and / or board of
Change of company full address;
- The liquidation of the company or
the expiration of
operational period;
- The legal status of the company
has ended;
- Combination, consolidation or
takeover of a
company that is
accompanied by changes in the
articles of

Documents we will deliver

  1. Akta Perubahan Perusahaan
  2. NIB
  3. PKKPR (Approval of the Suitability of Space Utilization Activities) previously called Location Permit
  4. Profil Terakhir PT dari AHU
  5. Sertifikat Standar
  6. SK Menhumkam / AHU
  7. A Free Access to all your datas on Google Drive
  8. Instant Update on your account and by email
  9. Online Support
  10. A Warm Welcome when you visit us :)

Documents we will need

  1. Akta Pendirian
  2. Director Id Card
  3. Director NPWP Card
  4. NPWP Company
  5. OSS Username dan Password
  6. Share Holder ID Card
  7. SK Menhumkam / AHU
  8. SPT Tahun Terakhir

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