Visa Social (211) (Offshore)

This is the Visa you need to visit Indonesia for social reasons and tourism. Cannot work or get a salary.
This Visa allows you to stay 60 days and can be extended twice to allow you to stay in total 180days. Then it is possible to do a new visa again to stay longer.
Book it straight away and get your visa within a week max.

Documents we will deliver

  1. E-Visa (English)
  2. E-Visa (Indonesia)
  3. A Free Access to all your datas on Google Drive
  4. Instant Update on your account and by email
  5. Online Support
  6. A Warm Welcome when you visit us :)

Documents we will need

  1. Bank Statement 3 last months
  2. Passport (Page Photo) - Double Page
  3. Vaccine Certificate (Full Doses)
bali entry requirements 2023

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